Hello there! I'm eric. 

I write things, say things and think things, all of which end up on the internet in some form or fashion. Which, I'm now realizing isn't altogether healthy. 

I used to be a pastor, that is, until I quit so I wouldn't stop believing in god.

I wrote a book about that. 

I'm now slowly working towards becoming a therapist. 

Most of the things I write about have to do with sacredness and SEC football (and depending upon where you're from that may seem redundant). 

Some of the things I write end up in other places:

Red Letter Christians

BNG News

the men's restroom of the CitGo in Cookeville, TN

but most of it ends up here

One of my joys is saying things out loud to people in person. If you're interested in booking me for a chat, you can do that here.

Lastly, I'm a husband, father, pug enthusiast, reader and, not to mention, rather terrible at basketball.