Here are a few words about me.

Let’s face it, meeting people online is always a bit overwrought, especially when it concerns someone who had the gaul to put their name in the URL.  

In the spirit of full-disclosure, I’m not famous. I’m not even Internet famous, and this website isn’t an attempt to remedy the two aforementioned realities.  It is, however, an effort in making unbroken eye-contact with sacredness, even if my (and your) eyes start to water. 

In shorthand (because you're a busy person): I'm a therapist, pastor, and writer trying to follow the resurrected Jesus, even if I limp most days. I have a private therapy practice I share with my wife where I do individual, couple, and whole family therapy (you can find out more about our work here).

I also do coaching work with pastors, non-profit leaders, businesspeople, and whole institutions in order to uncover better ways of living, working, communicating, and being human together. In addition to my coaching and therapy work, I speak, preach, teach, lead retreats, and host seminars on a number of topics (you can find out how to get in touch with me about that sort of thing here).

Lastly, I have a wife, son, and pug who are continually the most interesting things about me. I live in Knoxville, TN, and will never apologize for loving Cracker Barrel, Dolly Parton, and expensive chairs I pretend are comfortable.

You can find more of my writing in a few other places, like here and here.