Listening to depression as a spiritual and political practice.

“The bad news that our world isn’t fine, that life is profoundly unfair, misaligned and wobbly and violently broken should tell us all something important about depression – namely, that depression isn’t wrong to declare life on earth uninhabitable; it’s just terribly misguided about what causes our maladies and exactly what solutions provide their remedy. In the kind of world in which we’re attempting to survive, sometimes the only good news is that you aren’t alone, and you aren’t crazy to notice what’s wrong. The answer, then, isn’t to ignore the things besieging your brain and soul with more drugs, or consumption, or repression or even violence to yourself, but to unearth them with a trusted guide, to respect them, listen to them, utter them aloud for others and ask for help in bringing a new world into being both for yourself and for a civilization gone mad.”

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